Designed as completely integrated systems, Ulltraclad are the ideal exterior cladding systems for the Australian home as they retain the look of traditional weatherboards, without the maintenance and problems associated with timber cladding.

As important as the durability and visual appeal of these cladding systems is the sustainability of the Ultraclad range of products.

Ulltraclad cladding systems can be recycled as these are screw fixed systems that can be easily unscrewed at the end of their life and recycled.

Made of aluminium, these cladding systems are more durable than timber and they are maintenance. This means that no painting is required and therefore no harmful waste goes down the drains.

Ulltraclad is locally made from the new Ulltraclad Division of Wintec Aluminium ’ aluminium extrusion plant in the Hunter Valley Region of NSW. Production waste is recycled for the manufacture of other aluminium products. The powder coating of these cladding systems has no harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound) nor harmful solvents. They  require minimal maintenance and have a long life expectancy. They can be unscrewed and re powder coated at the end of the paint life cycle.