The INEX>WALLBOARD from UBIQ was selected by a residential eco-development on the Gold Coast to meet specific green objectives.

The Ecovillage at Currumbin, Gold Coast is the world’s pre-eminent multi award winning residential eco-development. The ‘Living Laboratory’ at 21 Village Way is the signature residence of the estate, designed with passive climatic comfort, total energy and water self sufficiency and constructed of 70% recycled content, non toxic, non-allergenic building materials and applied finishes. The selection of building materials complement the aspiration of the owners to commit to a Zero Carbon Home.

INEX>WALLBOARDS were selected as multifunctional, ecologically appropriate, innovative building materials being of 30% recycled content and low carbon footprint manufacture. The wallboards were easily handled, cut, installed and finished in zero VOC paints and natural clay renders. 

Ideally suited to lightweight, light impact construction techniques, INEX>WALLBOARDS exhibit a solid ‘masonry feel’ with superior finishing while the breathability of the material contributes to a healthy indoor air quality for human wellbeing. 

A winning combination of imagination, innovation, aesthetic appeal and practical efficiency, the Living Laboratory was named HIA Greensmart House of the Year in 2008.