A new decking solution introduced by UBIQ is helping homeowners living in the bushfire-prone regions of Australia create safe and long-lasting timber-look decks on their property.

INEX>DECKING from UBIQ is a concrete composite decking material that looks incredibly like timber. This low carbon, high strength cement-based decking board is engineered to deliver greater durability than traditional timber decking solutions. Suitable for both residential and commercial installations, UBIQ’s BAL-FZ fire rated decking boards are non-combustible, making them an ideal choice for property owners rebuilding or renovating after a bushfire.

BAL-FZ fire rating

INEX>DECKING is deemed to be non-combustible under Australian Standard AS/NZS 1530.1:1994 Part 1: Combustibility test for materials and deemed to comply for construction in decking for all bushfire-prone zones including BAL-FZ.

INEX>DECKING is approved for all Bushfire Attack Levels including BAL-FZ construction in accordance with AS3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas – clause 1.5.19 Non-Combustible. BAL-FZ (Flame Zone) is the highest Bushfire Attack Level where there is an extremely high risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, and a likelihood of exposure to an extreme level of radiant heat and direct exposure to flames from the fire-front. This compliance ensures INEX>DECKING is approved for use in all bushfire-prone areas.

INEX>DECKING replacing natural timber

An advanced high strength, low carbon fibre-reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) product, INEX>DECKING contains 60 per cent post-industrial recycled materials, and is an affordable and longer-lasting replacement for conventional timber decking boards as well as other composite decking products. Combining minimal maintenance requirements with a non-combustible material, INEX>DECKING delivers a long-term decking solution for bushfire-prone zones.

The lightweight decking boards are easier to handle with their textured surfaces providing the perfect substrate for a wide range of approved coating systems including timber-look finishes. INEX>DECKING is recommended for all decking applications where the required ‘live load’ does not exceed 1.8kN.


Featuring pencil round edges along the length of the board, INEX>DECKING boards are cut and worked the same way as fibre cement sheets but have better bending strength characteristics and finish quality. The high moisture resistance of the boards allows their structural integrity to be retained when exposed to wet or damp environments.

Measuring 2700mm long and 140mm wide with a thickness of 19mm, each decking board weighs only 9kg, allowing for easier handling during installation.

INEX>DECKING is a low carbon decking board containing about 40 per cent of the embodied energy of equivalent Portland cement derived products. Completely free of asbestos content or any toxin, the decking boards are also resistant to mould and termite attacks. The highly durable decking product comes with the assurance of a 20-year warranty.

Multiple finishes offering creative flexibility

A wide range of approved coatings and stains can deliver a broad choice of finishes for INEX>DECKING from authentic timber to beautiful colours. Offering an array of design possibilities, INEX>DECKING’s coating spectrum includes Intergrain NaturalStain coatings in 8 shades and Ultralast Stain Plus coatings, also in 8 shades.

Learn how BAL-FZ fire rated INEX>DECKING can protect your decks in bushfire season.