Castle Tools Tyrollt  offers industrial diamond tools and associated machinery solutions. Castle Tools Tyrollt was formerly known as Castle Tools Australia which was incorporated in 1984. Castle Tools Australia was purchased by Tyrolit in July 2004, an European manufacturer of bonded abrasives.

Castle Tools Tyrollt has plants in more than 18 countries across the world. Castle Tools Tyrollt offers some of the innovative diamond tools to present market. Castle Tools Tyrollt is backed up with research and development departments of diamond tool manufacturing.

In addition to diamond tools, Castle Tools Tyrollt also offers a complete range of products from world’s respected associated product suppliers. Castle Tools Tyrollt offers competitive products for all abrasive, diamond, adhesive, machine and surface preparation requirements.

From local representation offered by Australian Supplier of Diamond tools and associated machinery, Castle Tools Tyrollt offers innovative range of solutions. Castle Tools Tyrollt also offers expert local advice to customers across Australia which ensures cost effective solutions for stone processing, construction and floor preparation solutions. Castle Tools Tyrollt offers innovative solution that adhere quality standards and specifications.