TXTR-LITE natural stone veneers are an ultrathin and lightweight alternative to thick ceramic or real stone tiles. TXTR-LITE is backed by a polymer composite, which gives the sheets their flexibility and strength while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Each sheet consists of a thin layer of real stone or slate slabs, so no two sheets are the same. With a standard thickness of 1mm to 2mm, cutting and working these micro-thin-slates is easy, and application is made simple using TXTR-LITE’s compatible adhesive.

Existing tiles don’t need to be removed when remodelling with TXTR-LITE stone veneers as they can be easily installed over other kitchen or bathroom tiles.

Key features and benefits of the TXTR-LITE natural stone veneers include:

  • Waterproof once installed
  • Creates an effective moisture barrier
  • Easily shipped by Toll/ipec Ground
  • Weather resistant
  • UV resistant