TXTR-LITE  is a new and unique range of lightweight flexible stone veneers with unlimited application possibilities.

TXTR-LITE flexible stone veneers are ideal for creating attractive stone feature walls. TXTR-LITE can be used to create a monolithic large stone look showing the true colours of real stone with the added advantages of quick installation, light weight and on-site cost savings.

TXTR-LITE flexible stone veneers can be installed faster than tiles or natural stone without the need for most standard masonry or tile installation tools.

Installation design choices include using large grout seams to accentuate the edges of the veneers or butting the sheets together to create an almost seamless look.

Flat and plain walls can be turned into striking works of art by lifting or off-setting each TXTR-LITE sheet to produce a staggered panel effect. Accents can be added with the use of coloured grouts or even fine wood or metal trims.

TXTR-LITE natural stone veneers are also suitable for installation over existing tiles during kitchen or bathroom remodelling work. This flexibility eliminates the mess of removing existing tiles and fittings.

Key features of TXTR-LITE flexible stone veneers:

  • Flexible, adaptable, durable and weather resistant stone veneer
  • Adheres to any standard building surface with TL adhesive
  • Each veneer sheet is unique
  • Backed by a polymer composite, which gives the sheets their flexibility and strength
  • Lightweight stone veneer is easy and quick to install