Design Green stone veneers, available from TXTR-LITE , are a lightweight, stylish and sustainable alternative to standard stone or tile products.  

Rich, durable and strong, Design Green is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, typically including cabinetry, fascia, backsplashes, trim, columns, furniture, display materials, signage, lighting and tile surfaces.  

The stone veneers feature a tough fibreglass composite backing that creates a clad structure suitable for adherence to most materials, including concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fibreglass, backer board, tile, dry wall, MDF and Masonite.  

By utilising only what is required from the stone quarry, Design Green is classified as a highly sustainable product. Because of the unique manufacturing process, each sheet of TXTR-LITE represents just a thin layer of the natural stone.  

Key features and benefits of the Design Green stone veneers include:

  • 10 versatile colors available
  • Flexible – can be bent to fit tight curves
  • Thin fiberglass substrate – protects from impacts and creates a hard moisture barrier
  • Ease of cutting – can be cut with hand sheers
  • Easy to seal – most standard stone or wood sealers
  • No wet saw required