Twinside  has over twenty two years of experience in providing the Western Australian market with a range of precast concrete products. The special moulding system developed by Twinside confirms with consistent high quality and an attractive end product. All products from Twinside are made of robust materials and come with the features of practical reliability, durable finishing and pleasing aesthetics.

Products from Twinside also ensure maximum usage of ground space and hence reduce costs for the customer. Products from Twinside allow the user to choose between various pattern and colour options for their fencing requirements. The range of products includes solutions for domestic fencing, commercial noise abatement walls, pier and wall cappings, posts and railings and retaining walls.

Domestic fencing from Twinside can cover up to 2.4 metres in height and come in various patterns like lime block, brick, timber and plain face. It is ideal for home fencing and around garden beds. Noise abatement walls offer up to 3.3 metres in height of noise protection that is used for roads and driveways.

Timber look ranch rails and cowboy fences are also offered by Twinside in single, double and triple rail configurations. Piers and wall cappings for sea walls and piers are also offered by Twinside.