BT Equipment  offers a range of Sumitomo, Yanmar and Kato excavators. The Sumitomo excavators from BT Equipment consists of tier 3 engine, stronger arms and boom, undercarriage components essential for longer life of the equipment, fuel tank and a redesigned cabin.

Two series are offered by BT Equipment; Dash 5 series and SPINACE series. The SPINACE series are suitable for use in urban construction sites and ideal for road maintenance work.
The Yanmar excavators from BT Equipment are available in 9 models in varied sizes. Various options are available in these excavators such as, factory air conditioning, steel or rubber trucks, cabin or canopy to name a few. Kato excavators are a range of hydraulic excavators which are available in different designs and features.
BT Equipment offers cranes as well. Two types of crane products are available from BT Equipment; Hitachi Sumitomo cranes and the Kato cranes.

The Kato range of cranes consists of rough terrain cranes, hydraulic truck cranes and city cranes. While the Hitachi Sumitomo offers cranes with a range of designs and specifications according to the needs of the customer.