Turnils Australia  offers a new range of drop arm awnings that are compact as well as affordable and also feature a sleeker design and neater front profile.  

Suitable for installation in homes or commercial environments, Siesta drop arm awnings are ideal for shading any type of window.

Siesta drop arm awnings are external shading systems offering high levels of energy-efficiency.

On warmer days, these window shading systems can significantly reduce air-conditioning needs and decrease glare. In winter or on cooler days, Siesta drop arm awnings can be easily folded away to allow the sun to penetrate the building, reducing the need for alternative heating.  

Siesta drop arm awnings can be easily installed directly onto the window architrave, onto the wall or into the recess with either external or internal tape or gear operation.  

Siesta incorporates adjustable springs in the awnings to ensure correct fabric tension and an aluminium hood to protect the fabric from the elements.  

The awning is manufactured from anti-corrosive, highly durable materials allowing Turnils to offer a comprehensive three-year warranty on all components.  

No maintenance is required for Siesta window awnings.  

Maximum projection: 0.5m, 0.6m, 0.7m, 0.8m, 0.9, 1.0m
Maximum width: 3.2m per unit