Tube Sales  offers a range of products like tubes, bars, pipes, angles, flanges, sheets, plates and fittings. Tube Sales also provides Deco Tube products, Camlocks and valves. Some of the types of valves supplied by Tube Sales include one piece ball valves, two piece ball valves, three piece ball valves, flanged two piece ball valves, spring check valves, swing check valves, gate valves, globe valves, needle valves, L & T port ball valves, wafer style duo check valves, flanged gate valves, flanged ball valve complete with actuator and even more.

Additionally, Tube Sales provides D-shape, oval and triangle shape tubes, balustrading, railing joints and more. TSLOK compression fittings are also offered by Tube Sales. It include union elbow, male elbow, female elbow, bulkhead union, union cross, union tee, straight connector, male connector, female connector and more. Welding of stainless steel is also extended by Tube Sales.

Furthermore, some of the other products stocked by Tube Sales include stainless steel sheets, hairline polished slit edge flat bars, mirror polished exhaust bends, rivet shackles and chain shackles, food grade tube and fittings, number 8 pre-coated mirror finish plat, stainless steel ball valves and more.