Tube Sales  provides balustrading and handrail components. Some of the other offering from Tube Sales includes thread and nuts, caps ball joiners, hooks, ball joiners, shackles, hinges and wire rope balustrading. Tube Sales also supplies base plates/joiners canopy fittings, hooks, pulleys and sheaves, rivet shackles and chain shackles, rail fittings, rigging screws, rod holders, flush fittings, spring snap hooks, eye screws ferrules/thimbles and other specialised tools.

Additionally, Tube Sales extends flat bar polishing and tube polishing services as well. Tube Sales is one of the leading suppliers of products manufactured from stainless steel, which is a low carbon steel that include chromium by weight. This chromium gives steel distinctive stainless and corrosion resisting properties. Some of the other features of stainless steel used by Tube Sales are fire and heat resistance, strength-to-weight advantage, aesthetic appearance, ease of fabrication, impact resistance and even more.

The products offered by Tube Sales are first used by the company people itself to ensure that they meet all technical performance standards. All the products supplied by Tube Sales have long service life, are hundred per cent recyclable and are thus, environmental friendly products.