The new release in the Federal APD range of parking systems is the Pay in Lane parking system. The Parking system offers a convenient way to operate your parking facility without an attendant. The Pay In Lane parking system is unmanned and provides Exit Cashiering or Pre-Pay entry.

At Exit, the Pay In Lane processes the fee automatically and displays it on the LCD window. Many payment options are available with easy to find graphics. Change is issued in coins and a receipt is either provided on demand or can be programmed to issue automatically.   

TTM Equipment supplies, installs and maintains Federal APD’s wide range of parking products including ticket dispensers, barrier gates, count control systems, card access readers, manual and automated fee computers to collect parking revenues, plus central management system software to program, track and report on all the activities in a parking facility.  

Parking system features include:

  • Magnetic stripe ticket
  • Comprehensive management software and reporting
  • Coin, note, credit card payment options
  • Proximity card access for staff and permanent parkers
  • Optional smartcard
  • Merchant discount and loyalty programs
  • Local TTM equipment technical support