Trusteel Fabrications  designs, builds and installs American style raised barns and Aussie style barns which are used predominately for the housing of horses in a stable set-up.

The framework utilises Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) and Square Hollow Section (SHS) which alleviates any open flanges and sharp metal edges. This is obviously important where animals are present.

A barn is not just for animals however. The raised section of the barn is ideal for a mezzanine floor, giving extra storage space or use as a loft. The raised section also lends itself to mechanics requiring additional clearance height for hoists etc or for the garaging of a truck, horse float, caravan or boat.

Raised barns have a 10-degree roof fall on the sides and a 20-degree roof pitch in the centre raised section. Aussie style barns have a 5-degree roof fall on the sides and a 30-degree roof pitch in the centre section. The raised section of the barn is supported by internal columns spaced at 3.6m / 4.0m intervals to allow sufficient room for fixing of a horse stable.

The minimum recommended lower eave height is 3.0m where stabling of horses is the primary use for the barn. Alternatively a 3.6m lower eave height will give greater door height clearance. Higher or lower side eave heights are available.

Trusteel Fabrications also offers an alternative option to the traditional raised barn. Trusteel Fabrications’ Vented Barn utilises all the features of the raised barn.

However, Trusteel Fabrications has added important ventilation features in both the roof and eaves.

There are many different options you can utilise in designing the right barn style for you and your horses and/or your workshop requirements. These include vented ridge, spin-a-way vents, fixed louver vents, octagonal vents, fibreglass or polycarbonate skylights, sisulation, 50mm blanket foil, polyisocyanurate foam roof or wall cladding, roll-a-doors, sliding doors, glass sliding doors, exit doors and windows.

Trusteel Fabrications can also cater for your horse with external 50/50 doors, external 1.0m x 1.0m standard grill and V grill with a flat sheet hinged window.