There has always been a battle between bottled water and tap water. The perception that bottled water has a better standard than tap or filtered water have always played on consumers' buying decisions.

However, the next time you pick up that bottled water, take another closer look.

According to a recent 'expose', millions of unsuspecting customers are already buying filtered tap water and boiled rainwater with mark-ups in excess of 180,000 per cent.

The article cites that several manufacturers admit that they fill their bottles from the Sydney Water mains after it has gone through the proper filtration, purification and treatment processes.

It seems that brands such as Mount Franklin, Fiji Water, Pump, Coles and Woolworths homebrand bottled waters, that describe themselves as "spring" or "mineral" water, are genuine natural spring water.

However, it seems that supermarket and convenience stores stock brands that are marked as "purified" or "organic" which is actually the same water that you can get from your home. These filtered tap water brands include Aqua Pura, Mizone, Noble's Pureau, Nature's Best Organic, Active Organic and Refresh.

It is said that Sydney Water boasts one of the world's most advanced water filtration systems - and now you can too with a Tru Water Filters countertop filter system.

Key advantages of the countertop or benchtop water filter systems:
  • easy to install
  • affordable and reliable
  • portable design, suitable for those renting or travelling
  • effective as under sink systems and reverse osmosis systems in removing contaminants
  • available in a variety of different filters
  • choose from single, dual and reverse osmosis purification systems
Choose a countertop water filter system that's right for you
  • Single benchtop systems
  • Twin benchtop systems
  • Triple benchtop systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Brita jugs and carafe jugs
  • Cleansui purifying jugs
  • On tap scre on filter
  • Water alkalisers
It's easy to be swayed by fancy packaging but next time you find yourself parched, potable drinking water could be closer than you think.