The practice of deforestation and the corresponding impact on the environment are issues of rising concern across the world. However, increasing awareness of these issues has encouraged people to opt for sustainable materials. Knowing where materials are sourced from before purchasing has rapidly become the norm, especially when it comes to using wood for interiors.

With the spotlight on ethically sourced timber flooring, the demand for FSC certification in the flooring industry has seen a significant rise in the last decade. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. To carry this FSC label, timber products must be verified as originating from a certified source.

Trojan Timbers offers 100% legally sourced products; the company can offer FSC certified products and also produce E0 emission floor which, to place in perspective, is the rating you would need when packaging food.

Trojan recognises their responsibility to protect the environment by sourcing from, and working only with factories that have an accredited Environment Management System. These are companies that seek to prevent pollution, reduce consumption of resources and manage waste appropriately. To add to this, the chain of custody (CoC) certification reassures responsible management at all points in the supply chain – right from the forest to the warehouse in Australia.

Rest assured, Trojan is an active stakeholder in ensuring protection for the environment while providing the best quality flooring to the Australian market. In doing this, the company is supported by leading industry accreditations to give customers peace of mind that their flooring is indeed environment-friendly and a proven performer for years to come.