Trojan Timbers has introduced a new range of decorative timber panels for the design market.

The Artisan Collection is a range of timber wall and ceiling panels handcrafted from French and German Oak. These decorative timber panels are available in a versatile range of styles and patterns, adding character and individuality to any design concept.

Design inspiring and impressive spaces with the Artisan Collection. Use these decorative timber panels to craft visually pleasing and impactful designs. Make a creative statement with Artisan's unique and organic patterns.

Create a spectacular feature on your splashback, add a Baroque or Hamptons element to your space, or personalise your island bench or entertainment areas. Do a lot more with the Artisan Collection while adding green credentials to your design project – these decorative timber panels are eco-friendly and legally harvested, minimising your design’s impact on the environment.

Trojan currently offers four Artisan styles – Hades, Tyche, Poseidon and Zeus.

You can also choose from Diana, Odysseus, Apollo, Heracles, Hera, Zelos, Orion and Eros patterns against minimum order quantities.