The new Trimble SitePulse system is an affordable and easy-to-use site positioning system designed for field managers on heavy civil construction sites.

Trimble SitePulse system replaces conventional paper plans by equipping superintendents, foremen and field engineers with the same 3D constructible model and digital information available to construction surveyors, grade checkers and machine operators, resulting in improved communication, reduced rework and better decision-making.

Communications between field and office personnel can be improved and up-to-date information can be shared wirelessly by connecting more people on the jobsite. Using the Trimble SitePulse software with the new Trimble SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna, field managers can take photographs that are tagged with GNSS position, date and time to create an audit trail of day-to-day activities, and provide thorough documentation of work completed over the course of the entire job for invoicing and payments. SitePulse also allows superintendents and foremen to ensure work is on schedule and validate work quality without waiting for an internal or contract surveyor.

Elwyn McLachlan, business area director for Trimble Site Positioning Systems explains that Trimble SitePulse enables supervisors to access the same digital model used by their field crews, at a lower price point and with less complexity. Access to up-to-the-minute data allows field managers to make quicker, more informed decisions, and also provide better documentation for audit purposes.

The Trimble SitePulse system and Trimble Connected Site solutions transform the construction industry by utilising technology to increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce rework.

Key features of Trimble SitePulse field software include simple, easy-to-use interface ideal for construction managers without a surveying background; system running on Trimble Site Tablet or any third-party Android tablet, giving contractors the flexibility to choose the hardware platform that best fits their needs and budget; and ability to leverage Trimble Connected Site technology, including VRS networks, Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) and wireless data sync to provide efficient system configuration and streamlined workflows.

The new Trimble SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna is a versatile, compact and budget-friendly receiver that can be moved quickly from a truck to a range pole using a built-in magnetic mount. The SPS585 can access multi-constellation GNSS satellites and provides typical positioning accuracy of 10cm using Trimble RTX–based services, which stream GNSS corrections via satellite to the receiver without the need for a traditional base station.