Trimble Australia  announces the release of version 2.4 of VisionLink software powered by Trimble, designed to integrate site productivity data, fleet and asset management, and materials and volumes movement information using 2D Project Monitoring.  

VisionLink software, supported by 2D Project Monitoring presents a collective view of all machines and their contribution to overall productivity across the organisation and multiple sites. VisionLink Mobile additionally takes the power of VisionLink to the field, giving contractors the ability to view productivity data on mobile devices.  

Contractors can drill down to a detailed view of the work area to easily monitor problem patterns, contaminated materials, structural fill materials and unsuitable materials in near real-time. Problems can be identified and rectified quickly and completion times can be estimated to keep jobs on track.  

Part of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio of solutions, VisionLink helps connect the machine and the office, enabling quick decision-making, lower operating costs, reduced risk and increased productivity.  

2D Project Monitoring provides both asset-based reports as well as metric-based reports comparing manually entered data with actuals, flagging overruns and shortfalls against key operational metrics.  

VisionLink 2D Project Monitoring allows site supervisors, equipment managers, data managers and operations managers to monitor cycle times, load counts, haul distances and cumulative volumes, tracking actuals against planned. Variances between productivity expected and productivity achieved can be determined based on the number of loads made by a machine and the average amount of material that machine can carry per load.  

Information such as stocking locations, cut zones and fill zones can be imported from Business Center – HCE, Trimble’s data preparation and materials quantity takeoff office software.  

2D Project Monitoring machine data is sent wirelessly from the machine to the office and aggregated by VisionLink with machine utilisation and performance, and compaction and volumes information to see near-real time progress on projects.  

VisionLink Mobile  

A browser-based application, VisionLink Mobile Project Monitoring puts site productivity data at the contractor’s fingertips, using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.  

While supervisors can instantly see the number of loads completed, distance travelled between loading and dumping, quantity of material moved, and earthworks progress and volumes, contractors can immediately view project status and access information to help make adjustments and improve productivity.  

VisionLink Mobile Project Monitoring is available at no additional cost when a VisionLink 2D or 3D Project Monitoring subscription is ordered.