Trimble Australia announces the release of the Trimble DPS900 piling system, a new application that helps piling contractors increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity in their operations.

The Trimble DPS900 piling system is a dedicated, land-based 3D machine control system suitable for a variety of piling machine makes and models. The piling application’s accuracy enables piling contractors to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for building structural foundations, retaining walls, coffer dams, and solar or wind farm installations.

Alan Sharp, business area director for Trimble Heavy Civil Construction explains that the DPS900 piling system can transform the way piling contractors work by introducing automation into a manual and often error prone process. Contractors can take advantage of the DPS900 system’s accurate positioning and automated reporting to ensure efficient utilisation of machines.

The DPS900 piling system delivers several benefits to the piling contractor’s operation including reducing surveying costs associated with staking and as-built checks; increasing on-site safety by reducing the number of people around machines, pilings and foundations; and ensuring navigation time between piles is reduced with accurate positioning, maximising production and revenue per day.

The built-in reporting capabilities of the DPS900 piling system are extensive and include automated quality assurance and quality control reporting that captures start and end positions, time and elevation as well as actual embedment depth, blow count reporting, and inclination and orientation control. Unique system logins allow managers to filter reports by operator for better accountability, production optimisation and forecasting.

Trimble’s Business Centre – HCE office software helps create pile plans in the office, and allows for integration with data preparation, estimating and reporting functions. Piling machines can be connected to the office using Trimble Connected Site solutions for wireless data transfer and GNSS corrections. Machines can also be tracked and monitored using VisionLink for location, hours and utilisation information.

The DPS900 piling system is supported and serviced by local SITECH technology dealers whose expertise with Trimble 3D machine control systems allows piling contractors to make a smooth transition to machine control workflows and minimise downtime.

The new Trimble DPS900 piling system is available now in Australia, Europe, North America, Chile and South Africa through Trimble’s SITECH Technology Dealer Channel.