Trimble, represented by Trimble Australia , have introduced the new Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System, an automatic screed control system that improves the accuracy and productivity of asphalt paving applications, and minimises the use of expensive asphalt material.

The Trimble PCS400 helps paving contractors achieve good rideability results and finish their projects on time and budget. It can be used in production paving applications, such as highways, state roads, airports and large commercial surfaces.

The Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System uses up to three sonic tracers mounted on an averaging beam. Each sonic tracer has five sensors, rather than a single sensor, which allows the system to minimise the impact of small irregularities such as stones, grate inlets, shovels and workers' feet. Larger irregularities, such as road waves, can be averaged out without bulky drag skis using Trimble's averaging beam technology.

Using the system, contractors can pave accurate slopes of 0.5% and lay the finish surface at an accuracy up to 3mm (1/100 foot) - all within smoothness and minimal thickness specification, helping to minimise the use of expensive asphalt.

The Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System reduces training time and allows operators to work efficiently with its large and rugged control box display. The Trimble CB440 Control Box display, with an easy-to-use interface for checking and adjusting settings, allows a paving run to begin with two button clicks. The display's split-screen also permits one screed operator to monitor both sides of the screed - freeing up the second operator to perform other tasks. This increased personnel efficiency allows the paver to run faster while maintaining the required quality levels.

The Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System can be mounted on a variety of new or used asphalt paving machines, regardless of manufacturer. The system can be flexibly configured with a combination of sonic tracers, slope sensors, averaging beam and contact sensors.

Trimble's system components are rugged and durable for tough construction conditions. All components have an IP67 rating to protect against dust and water.