Trimble recently introduced the Trimble TS835 mechanical total station for use by building construction professionals. The mechanical total station features an onboard Windows CE device that runs Trimble’s LM80 Layout Manager software.

The convenience of this powerful software can now be experienced by building construction professionals, particularly for their applications directly at their fingertips without an external controller. The Trimble TS835 Total Station enables contractors to enhance point layout productivity and precision while reducing rework and project expenses.

The TS835 mechanical total station has been designed for general and concrete contractors that perform positioning and layout tasks on building construction jobsites. The mechanical total station combines advanced features with an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

Building designs can be increasingly complex, and the Trimble TS835 mechanical total station delivers the accuracy required for the layout of foundations, forms and footers. Using the mechanical total station, contractors can use digital data for layout to reduce mistakes, check the accuracy of points that have been set out, and help to increase productivity.

The mechanical total station features a lightweight, compact, and rugged hardware platform that offers 5-second accuracy and a fast, long-range EDM with precision optics. It can be used with a prism or in reflectorless mode for single-person operation.

The TS835 mechanical total station features Windows CE touch-screen device and Trimble LM80 Layout Manager software directly onboard. The software on the mechanical total station enables contractors to carry, manage, work with, and lay out jobsite blueprints for accurate building foundation layout.

The mechanical total station features a graphical interface that makes viewing and referencing jobs and analyzing data quick and simple. The LM80 software can manage a wide range of data formats, and create points in the field directly from a DXF file. Job files and DXF data are easily transferred between the mechanical total station instrument and a PC.

The TS835 mechanical total station demonstrates Trimble's continuous commitment to leveraging technology to deliver solutions that provide a strong return on investment for a broad range of contractors and trades on the industrial, commercial and residential construction jobsite.

Trimble TS835 mechanical total stations are available now from Trimble Australia .