Trimble announces the acquisition of Linear Project GmbH, a leading provider of scheduling software for linear infrastructure projects.

The privately-held Linear Project offers the proven TILOS time and location planning software, which is used worldwide in highways, railways, pipelines, tunnels, water engineering, transmission line construction and various linear civil engineering projects.

One of the main challenges of linear construction projects is that the work is not performed at a single location. TILOS software resolves this problem by merging both the location and the schedule into a combined time and distance graphical view that changes dynamically with changing conditions.

TILOS time and location planning software enables contractors, owners and civil engineers to plan and manage linear projects more effectively by incorporating design details, construction challenges and the project schedule into one view.

Having recognised the power of integrating planning and scheduling with operating and material cost information, Trimble has been collaborating with Linear Project since 2014 to create 3D constructible model interoperability between its Business Center – HCE office software and the TILOS software.

TILOS expands Trimble's portfolio of heavy civil construction solutions for corridors by adding time and cost into existing corridor workflow solutions, enabling stakeholders on linear construction projects to integrate TILOS planning and scheduling for time, location and resources capabilities with operating and material cost information from Trimble.

Alan Sharp, business area director for Trimble Heavy Civil Construction software solutions explains that TILOS software is a significant addition to their corridor solutions portfolio, enabling Trimble to better address the needs of project owners, engineers and civil contractors by allowing them to closely manage operations and execute their projects on schedule and within budget.

Observing that TILOS software is used for linear scheduling of large infrastructure projects for rail, road, tunnel and pipeline projects, Linear Project owner Hubert Geier commented that the acquisition now gives them the opportunity to leverage Trimble’s geospatial technologies to record jobsite progress automatically.

He concludes that the addition of TILOS to Trimble's Heavy Civil Construction portfolio enables them to collectively work on a more robust solution for linear infrastructure planning, execution and production control.