Available now from Trimble Australia , the Spectra Precision LP40 laser pointer is ideal for a range of positioning and alignment applications, including one person short-range levelling, and plumb and square checking.

A versatile self-leveling plumb up/down, level and square beam pocket laser, the Spectra Precision Laser LP40 laser pointer offers unmatched durability and ideal for installing fixtures, putting in walls, and levelling foundations.

The LP40 laser pointer projects four beams up to 30m. One beam points up while another points down to create a plumb up and plumb down reference. The other two beams are offset at 90 degrees to each other, pointing out horizontally to create level and square reference points.

Resistant to drops of up to 1m onto concrete, the LP40 laser pointer also features a self-leveling mechanism for consistent repeatability so users can be sure their positioning is accurate.

Built-in magnets allow the LP40 laser pointer to be securely fit directly to the drywall track.