Trimble Australia  announces the introduction of a new powerful range of handheld controllers for use on construction sites.  

The new controller provides more jobsite control and field connectivity to construction supervisors, foremen, grade checkers and site engineers.    

The Trimble TSC3 handheld controller for construction is a powerful and rugged addition to the portfolio of controllers for heavy and highway contractors, combining the benefits of multiple handheld devices into a single unit.  

Features such as built-in GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and a 5 MP digital camera enable construction professionals to stay connected and be equipped with accurate positioning, digital design information as well as the ability to locate, measure and record information anywhere on the construction site with just one device.  

The TSC3 handheld controller is a key component of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio of productivity-enhancing solutions that streamline site measurement and stakeout operations for highways, small and large commercial sites, landfills, waste disposal facilities, tunnels, railway construction and mines.  

Designed to operate reliably in harsh construction environments, the TSC3 handheld controllers feature a large 4.2-inch, sunlight-readable touchscreen display, ruggedised bumpers and long battery life.  

Additionally, the controller is resistant to shock, dust and water for enhanced durability.  

GPS Navigator, Wireless Communications and Camera in One Unit 

  • Built-in GPS can be used for standalone navigation and measurement purposes
  • Bluetooth and optional radio capabilities allow the controller to be used with Trimble Site Positioning Systems, GNSS or total stations, where high accuracy is required
  • Integrated communications including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a cellular modem keep data flowing between field instruments, job crews and various stakeholders for instant connections to the office and clients
  • Integrated 3G modem provides instant access to the Internet for receiving base station corrections as well as emailing and synching files with Connected Community  
  • 5 megapixel digital camera enables easy collection of site information and visual recording of site conditions for documentation and quality control
  • Images are automatically geotagged and associated with measured points for easy identification
  • Helps contractors realise significant savings by eliminating the time and cost of physically driving data updates to and from the field
  • Engineers can send design changes or work orders to contractors and crews in the field
  • Contractors can transfer progress reports, on-site problems and as-built data back to the office on completion of on-site operations
  • Two-way data capability reduces delays and rework associated with using outdated information and data synching lags

The Trimble TSC3 handheld controllers are available through Trimble’s worldwide SITECH Technology Dealer channel and the Heavy and Highway Construction Distribution Channel.