Trimble Australia announces a new GNSS-based machine control solution to improve efficiency of bulk earthworks and landfill compaction operations while saving fuel and reducing machine wear.

Installed on a four-drum soil or landfill compactor, the Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System allows the machine operator to make more uniform and efficient passes, report compaction production data in the field, and ensure target compaction is reached with minimal fuel usage and machine wear.

CCS900 for Bulk Earthworks

Tracking compaction passes in real time with easy-to-read colour mapping on the in-cab display, CCS900 Compaction Control System improves bulk earthworks operations by ensuring fill material is adequately balanced and uniformly compacted from the bottom up.

CCS900 for Landfills

Landfill operations require contractors to compact the maximum amount of waste into the smallest area of vertical and horizontal cell space. The CCS900 Compaction Control System enables landfill owners to optimise cell space, eliminate voids and compact layers to their target density more efficiently. The real-time mapping on the in-cab display helps the operator avoid unnecessary passes that waste fuel and cause additional wear on the machine. The system also collects as-built layer information for in-field reporting and tracking of daily volumes.

In-field reporting and printing for quality control

Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System offers extensive in-field reporting options, including in-cab report generation and printing for both bulk earthworks and landfill operations, allowing compaction production analysis to be carried out in the field instead of waiting until data is transferred back to the office. Compaction progress and problem areas are indicated on the in-cab graphical control box and listed in the in-field report, allowing them to be addressed immediately, instead of at project completion when re-work is more costly. An optional serial printer in the compactor cab also enables supervisors to sign off on the completion of the compaction work in the field.

The Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System is available worldwide through Trimble’s worldwide SITECH Technology Distribution network.