Trimble and Bentley Systems present an integrated workflow for road and site construction combining Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration servers and services, and Trimble’s Business Centre – HCE office software.

Designed to accelerate information mobility between project design and field construction, the new integrated workflow brings together Trimble and Bentley who have joined forces to optimise the transfer of information-rich 3D engineered models to 3D constructible models. Using 3D models with GPS-enabled heavy equipment for road construction can increase productivity by up to 50 percent, according to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

Bentley’s V8i (SELECT Series 3) civil engineering software, powered by OpenRoads, generates i-models from detailed designs managed by ProjectWise and can be easily transferred to Business Centre – HCE for construction preparation and management. Business Centre – HCE uses Bentley’s i-models to streamline the creation of 3D constructible models from the final contract drawings. Trimble Connected Site technology helps optimise construction management processes and maximises information transfer by sending the designs wirelessly to machines and field systems on the construction site.

Design and engineering teams can use Bentley’s ProjectWise to link construction and design offices. Contractors will have the ability to collaborate more effectively with designers on the constructible model by connecting Business Centre – HCE directly to ProjectWise, allowing design information to be retrieved in the i-model. Key advantages of the integrated and managed workflow include more efficient bidding and estimating, faster project approvals, reduced change orders and shortened construction timelines.

According to Roz Buick, vice president and general manager of Trimble’s Heavy Civil Construction Division, accessing Bentley’s 3D i-models gives users of Trimble construction solutions the ability to optimise design-construct processes, and strengthen collaboration between the engineer and the contractor to reduce project costs and schedules.

Harry Vitelli, vice president, construction and field, Bentley Systems added that Trimble and Bentley came together in 2012 as part of a strategic alliance to help engineers and contractors work smarter and collaborate through advanced information mobility to further the connection and alignment between the virtual and physical environments for infrastructure and site projects, reducing project risk and increasing productivity. The newly announced integrated workflow moves a step closer to that objective by facilitating information mobility between the design office, construction site and the field.

The integrated workflow for road and site construction from Trimble and Bentley is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2014.