Treotham Automation presents the world’s first 3D printed bearings, made using a unique plastic filament developed by igus.

Plastics expert igus’ plastic filament for 3D printers is enhanced with tribological or low friction properties; the material is at least 50 times more resistant to wear and abrasion than conventional 3D printer materials, making it ideal for creating custom bearings on 3D printers.

The new development is the result of extensive research by igus on suitable filaments for 3D printing that would provide customers with more flexibility in their design ideas. igus’ reliable plastic materials can now be used by customers to design custom parts or manufacture prototypes.

Having completed several tests in the igus test lab, the filament has now been introduced for the first time for 3D printers, and is specifically developed for motion control applications.

igus also offers access to 3D models of igus products in STL format, which can easily be downloaded and used directly as input data for 3D printing.