Treotham Automation has introduced a new range of fibre optic cables that offer the assurance of continued data communication for 90 minutes in the event of a fire.

The new HELUCOM FS90 fire safe fibre optic cables are based on the IEC 60331-25 standard, and have been successfully tested for the purpose of function and data transfer under the influence of flames of 750°C for more than 90 minutes. The maximum damping increase was maintained at E9/125 μm 0.12 dB in single mode and G50/125 μm 0.27 dB in multimode.

HELUCOM FS90 fire safe fibre optic cables are particularly relevant for tunnels, underground train tunnels, computer centres, mine sites and all environments where signal transmission must be ensured in the event of a fire.

HELUCOM FS90 meets the standards for IEC 60332-1 + 60332-3, flame resistance, IEC 61034 smoke/gas proof, IEC 60754-2 halogen-freedom and EN50267-2-3 corrosiveness.

Four different cable types are available as standard inventory: 4 G50/125 μm OM2 (803917), 12 G50/125 μm OM2 (803918), 4 E9/125 μm G652.D (803919) and 12 E9/125 μm G652.D (803920).