Trend Windows & Doors  has recently released Xtreme Bifold doors and Hinged doors to the range suitable for extreme bushfire zones.

Trend Windows and Doors have continued with extensive research and development of Xtreme to further advance the design of the range to include Bifold doors and Hinged external doors for extreme bushfires.

The Xtreme range of products is a window system designed to withstand temperatures up to 40kW without failure from either the window system or from the glazing to help prevent internal ignition of houses and loss of precious possessions.

With Australian urban population areas increasingly being pushed ever closer to bushfire prone areas, the awareness and understanding of building loss through bushfire has taken a dominant and high priority position with authorities and researchers.

In houses, windows and doors are considered the most susceptible area to damage from bushfires. Most houses destroyed in bushfires in fact survive the passing of the fire only to burn down later from embers and debris borne on the wind.

This may occur till some hours after the fire-front has passed. Damage from either glazing failure or window system failure, allows for the debris to enter the building to cause ignition.

Extensive testing at CSIRO laboratories has shown that the Xtreme product range of windows and doors withstands the extreme heat generated by fires upto 40kW.

Xtreme window system is a cost efficient solution to a problem that is fast becoming a national challenge.