Trend Windows & Doors  and Smoke Control Pty Ltd have announced that the Xtreme range of Bushfire Window and Door systems, combined with Windowshield Fire Curtains, are now compliant to full Flame Zone BAL FZ to abide by the level set in the new Bushfire Construction standards (AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2 -2007).

The new Bushfire Window and Door system will be called Xtreme Flame Zone and has been assessed by CSIRO to pass the standard test at the absolute extreme BAL FZ level.

The System combines Trend technologically advanced CSIRO tested BAL 40 (1530.8.1-2007) Xtreme Window and Door systems with Pyro-Protec seals and glazing systems. It also features standard 5mm or 6mm toughened glass, integrated with the Smoke Control CSIRO tested (1530.4) Windowshield Fire Curtain, to produce the Xtreme Flame Zone Bushfire System.

The ongoing intensive research and development and extensive testing with the CSIRO over the past 5 years has resulted in the development of the Bushfire Window and Door systems. The purpose of this research was to product cost affordable Bushfire window and door systems which will withstand the absolute extremes of bushfire flames.

Trend Windows Xtreme Window and Door products, tested and passed by the CSIRO under the previous standard in 2005, went on to become popular in the bushfire windows and doors market. Xtreme Windows and Doors were the first window and door products tested to BAL 40 (1530.8.1-2007) at the CSIRO Laboratories testing facility at North Ryde in Sydney, which has been set up specifically to test building products to the new Bushfire standard.

Smoke Control is successful within the fire and smoke control industry. Their extensive experience with fire protection and Fire Engineering has brought them together with Trend to form this unique innovation.