Trend Windows & Doors were promoting their Trend ThermAL window product at DesignBUILD last week. The hybrid windows are constructed from aluminium and extruded rigid polymer (ERP) that give a number of advantages without exorbitant costs.

“Normally you would get this in solid aluminium, timber or PVC and the traditional way to make this product is to thermally break it which can be really expensive,” said David Richardson, Trend’s National Marketing Manager.

“Trend ThermAL gives you an affordable window at 6 star.

“We avoid thermal breaking by using a polymer skin,” he said.

Trend’s extruded rigid polymer (ERP) is pre-stressed to eliminate expansion and contraction, features UV stabilisation to protect from sun exposure, and impact modification to protect against damage.

Significant changes to the Building Code of Australia have included introducing mandatory 6 star ratings for new housing in an effort to improve energy efficiency in construction.

Two years of research and development has led Trend to release the Trend ThermAL range that enables the new building requirements to be achieved cost efficiently.

“Because of the extruded polymer, the window gives you a really good U-Value,” Richardson explained.

The Trend ThermAL hybrid window is among one of the lowest U-Value systems available at an affordable cost, with a rating of 2.1 indicating Trend ThermAL’s insulation properties.

Trend have over 60 glazing options and has been designed to fit double glazed windows up to 26mm, gaining maximum energy efficiency.

Trend ThermAL also includes a two colour option.

“It allows you to have different colours from inside to out to match your décor,” Richardson said.

Allowing one colour for the aluminium exterior and another for the ERP interior allows a variety of design options and means the product is aesthetically pleasing. The colours have also been tested against harsh climate conditions meaning they won’t fade.

Trend Windows and Doors Trend ThermAL window product is available in awning, casement and fixed lite window options as well as sliding and unhinged doors.