Trend Windows & Doors has recently released the Quantum XP Xtreme windows and doors range of products suitable for extreme bushfire zones.

Xtreme windows and doors is the first window system in Australia designed to withstand temperatures up to 40kW without failure from either the glazing or from the window system itself to help prevent internal ignition of houses and loss of precious possessions.

Extensive testing carried out at CSIRO laboratories, has shown that Trend’s Xtreme product range of windows and doors withstands the extreme heat generated by extreme range, category 45 fires (40kW/m2) and passes the relevant testing regime.

The windows feature Van Door and Pyro-Protec Sealing Systems to resist wind, water, rain, noise, dust and bushfire penetration, which improves the performance of the window and door beyond required standards.

Another feature is the uniquely smooth sill, that inhibits the collection of dust and debris, facilitating a smooth sliding action and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the window.

All Quantum XP Xtreme windows are manufactured with a sturdy 65mm frame and doors with a 100mm frame to provide greater strength and security.