The end of financial year could mean a healthy tax return or paying back the Australian Tax Office - hopefully not the latter.

Out of the 12.4 million taxpayers that have already lodged a claim and have received their returns, there will certainly be many who have already spent a portion, if not all of it.
For those who have yet to decide, perhaps adding a finishing touch to the home could be on the cards. With the Australian spring and summer seasons fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about ways to make your home more energy efficient.

Under the new Building Code of Australia, all new building work and large renovations, will now require a minimum of 6 star energy ratings (or equivalent). These take into account:
  • performance of the building fabric;
  • external glazing and shading;
  • sealing of the building;
  • effects of air movement; and
    performance of the building’s domestic services
Trend Windows & Doors have been a leader in window design, offering a wide choice of aluminium and timber windows and doors to meet any commercial and residential design requirements.

There are eight Trend brands that help to create a more energy efficient home:
  1. Trend Aluminium: quality aluminium and glass create a welcoming ambience and sense of style
  2. Quantum XP Windows & Doors: helps drastically reduce heating and cooling bills
  3. Xtreme Bushfire Protection Windows & Doors: Fire-rated aluminium windows and doors designed to protect homes against the extremes of nature
  4. Western Red Cedar & Meranti: create understated elegance and sophistication
  5. Crestlite: commercial, semi commercial windows and doors for residential, shopfront, factories, high-rise and apartments
  6. Trend thermAL Energy Efficiency Windows & Doors: revolutionary hybrid window product combining the strength and security of aluminium with ERP, a new patented insulating skin
  7. SoundMizer: acoustic windows and doors to reduce noise sources including transportation, animal noises, TVs, stereos, road and building maintenance, air conditions, concerts or other outside entertaining activities
  8. Thermashield: rated WERS (Windows Energy Rating Scheme) which is approved by The Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC)