Available from Tremco , Vulkem 350R-NF is a one part, low odour, low TVOC polyurethane waterproofing membrane that bonds firmly to clean, dry concrete, wood or metal. This flexible and durable waterproof membrane retains its integrity even if substrate movement causes hairline cracks of up to 1.5mm.

Vulkem 350R-NF polyurethane membrane is able to accommodate the normal movement of concrete substrates without cracking and is the primary waterproofer for Vulkem Waterproofing Systems.

When coated with Vulkem 951NF UV topcoat, Vulkem 350R-NF polyurethane waterproof membranes provide a hard wearing waterproof coating that is ideal for carparks, deck coating, and pedestrian areas. Vulkem NF (Neighbour Friendly) products meet the requirements for Greenstar buildings.