Trellidor Crime Barriers  is an authorised installer of safety systems like Trellidor, Crimsafe, Leader secure posts and high security steel bars and doors. Terllidor Crime Barriers provide security in the premises where one lives and also offers cutting edge security solutions by providing quality products on time.

The products offered by Trellidor Crime Barriers include Crimsafe, security posts and bollards, Trellidor, high security doors and bars.

Trellidor Crime Barrier, 'Trellidor' is a fully framed expandable security barrier constructed with a trellis design, providing maximum protection. It offers a wide range of security options for homes, shops, factories, schools, offices and hospitals. Trellidor's residential applications include front and back doors, passageways, patios and windows. They are also used for commercial purposes, such as in shop fronts, service counters and computer server rooms.

"Crimsafe" is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from insects and burglars.
High security steel doors and window panes from Trellidor Crime Barriers offer security on rear entry doors and windows of industrial units, retail shops and commercial premises. These doors and grilles are constructed from galvanised steel and are welded together to provide a maintenance free finish.
Security posts and bollards from Trellidor Crime Barriers prevent the unauthorised entry of vehicles onto property. Security bollards for commercial premises can prevent vehicle theft in car sales yards and auto workshops. They also protect glass and doors of shops, retail outlets and shopping centres.