Transitions Polishing and Grinding  recently installed mechanically polished concrete floors as part of a rectification project at The Blue Fin Fishing Club in Brisbane.

The project involved the rectification of an existing coated polished concrete floor with non-slip grit applied to the coating, originally installed by another contractor. Following several failed attempts to bring the floor to an acceptable standard, Transitions was contracted to carry out immediate rectification.

The polished concrete floor was located in a high foot traffic area and needed to be hard wearing. Safety was a major factor, requiring the floor to have a minimum R10 slip rating to prevent slips and falls in the restaurant. A low maintenance flooring option that was easy to clean was also part of the brief.

Transitions mechanically polished concrete was chosen for the floor rectification project and installed throughout the dining areas of the restaurant, totalling 120m² of space. The polished concrete floor incorporated full exposure of aggregate, helping to enhance the look of the concrete and highlight the choice of aggregate.

The polished concrete floor installed by Transitions was also able to achieve the required slip rating (R10) without the addition of a non-slip grit in the sealer. All products used to harden and seal the floor were low VOC.

The complete project was accomplished by Transitions Polishing and Grinding within three days, while the Brisbane club was in full operation. The rectified polished concrete floor was good to go within six hours of the works being completed. The client was very pleased with the rectification works on the polished concrete floor.