Mechanically polished concrete floors from Transitions Polishing and Grinding have been installed in the recently constructed Woolworths supermarket in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.
The project involved the rectification of the existing floor executed by another contractor as well as the completion of the job. Transitions mechanically polished concrete was installed on 2050m² of floor area in the main shopping areas of the supermarket in addition to 425m² of an epoxy coating trowelled on with coving in all food preparation areas.
The client brief specified that the polished concrete floor needed to improve light reflectivity due to the low availability of natural light in the supermarket. Additionally, the floor needed to be durable as well as abrasion-resistant to withstand very high amounts of foot traffic and trolley loads on a constant basis. The polished concrete floor was also required to be low maintenance and stain-resistant.
Transitions polished concrete floors were recommended as a solution for all the shopping areas of the supermarket. The polished concrete floor was selected with full aggregate exposure and a high gloss finish to enhance light reflectivity throughout the store.
Transitions polished concrete floors installed at the Gold Coast Woolworths store require minimal maintenance, which is ably met by the existing cleaning regime using automatic scrubbers. Sealers selected for the polished concrete floor offer powerful stain resistance, and can withstand penetration from different food and liquid types.
In addition to the polished concrete floors, Transitions installed epoxy coatings in all the food preparation and deli areas. Designed to match the corporate branding of Woolworths, the epoxy coated floors with coving were installed after removing the existing epoxy floors. 
Woolworths is extremely happy with the improved aesthetics and functionality of their polished concrete and epoxy floors.