Environmentally sustainable design and construction is continuing to increase in popularity leading designers to consider the concept in every aspect of a structure.  

As a result, Transitions Polishing and Grinding have developed polished concrete floors, as the company believes it is important to continue to develop sound, eco-friendly flooring solutions.

Sustainable building practices that take advantage of renewable resources often sacrifice the visual appeal of a product, Polished Concrete however is not only environmentally friendly it is also beautifully aesthetic.

Polished Concrete is manufactured from limestone and waste byproducts produced by manufacturing facilities such as power plants and steel mills. Transition and Polishing’s designs also often incorporate recycled products such as glass, recycled plastics, marble chips and metal shavings.

Concrete is an incredibly durable material and its long lifespan reduces the future need for replacement and therefore an overall reduction in the amount of waste products produced.

What is more, Polished Concrete floors do not emit VOCs and can be finished with low VOC sealers. They are allergen free do not support the growth of toxic moulds and bacteria resulting in a flooring solution that is hygienic and easy to maintain.

Features and benefits of Transitions Polishing’s Polished Concrete floors:
  • Concrete floors:
  • Material efficient
  • Extended life cycle
  • Energy efficient
  • Versatile design applications ;and
  • Improve indoor environment quality.

Polished Concrete can improve the quality of any workplace and living environments, as well as reduce the impact on our natural resources and environments.