Adelaide furniture specialist, Transforma , have recently launched one of Europe’s most popular and affordable contemporary furniture ranges - Now! by Hülsta.

Presented within its own studio display, the Now! by Hülsta contemporary furniture range will be officially launched at a special evening celebration, in May 2010 at the Transforma showroom in Wayville, SA.

For premium German brand Hülsta, the desire to create sustainable and functional designer furniture for all generations and walks of life led to the release of the popular Now! by Hülsta contemporary furniture range in 1994.

Just like the original Hülsta ranges, the philosophy behind the design of each Now! peice is quality, practicality and exclusivity.

Created especially to provide the Hülsta customer with a contemporary furniture range that offers exceptional value, the Now! range represents an enticing and accessible entry point for premium, European furniture.

Featuring pieces for every room in the home, the Now! contemporary furniture range brings a new dimension to the modern lifestyle, providing endless possibilities and designer combinations in a wide choice of colours and natural woods.

The Now! by Hülsta range will be on display at the Transforma Showroom, 43 Goodwood Road, Wayville, and SA as at the 20th May 2010.