Transforma  launched the European furniture brand, Hulsta, on November 1, 2007 and since then have experienced exceptional sales figures. Hulsta announced yesterday that Transforma have recorded the high sales statistic for January 2008 so far, ahead of other Hulsta retailers in New York, Miami, Dubai, Doha, Amman and Kuwait.

The Hulsta Group has a turnover of over 900 million while Hulsta itself, who employs approximately 1500 employees, has developed into Europe’s largest and well knownfurniture manufacturer. Longevity and innovation, in design as well as functionality, are attributes that customers worldwide associate with the name Hulsta.

Hulsta Export Manager for the Oceania, Jutta Busen, was overwhelmed by the result considering the limited time that the furniture has been available in South Australia, “Hulsta is an innovative furniture brand in Germany and it is a well recognised furniture brands in Europe, it is thrilling to see its success in this new market” Jutta said.

Hulsta chose to launch its brand in South Australia and Western Australia as both were considered growth markets in the medium term with strong opportunity for home furnishings assisted by the buoyant real estate sector.

Since the furniture arrived on South Australian shores in July and then officially launched in November, Transforma has experienced massive growth with a 44% increase in sales.

“I believe that Hulsta is exactly what our Adelaide market has been looking for, the response has been extraordinary and the news from Hulsta was quite exciting considering we are competing with other retailers in mostly bigger and more established markets.” said Tim Wood, Transforma Managing Director.

With Hulsta currently representing 30% of turnover Transforma already has plans to expand into the Hulsta living range within the next 12 months. The customer will have the opportunity to select from ingenious living combinations previously unseen in Australia.