Traffic Watch Australia  specialises in offering traffic management solutions and construction labour for hire. Traffic Watch Australia has attracted blue chip clients through these services from civil, private and construction sectors. Traffic Watch Australia recognises the importance of infrastructure and roads to create and maintain a prosperous economy. Traffic Watch Australia completes range of projects in safe, reliable and legal manner.

The services offered by Traffic Watch Australia include traffic management, pilot vehicles, traffic management plans and signage hire and railway management services. All these services from Traffic Watch Australia are provided according to occupational health and safety standards. The safety standards comply with the Victorian Road Management Act 2004 Code of Practice. This standard is followed for safe worksite related to traffic management.

Traffic Watch Australia offers traffic management solutions for the traffic controllers. The traffic controllers are provided with training on hazardous traffic. The traffic controllers from Traffic Watch Australia provide safe workplace and warn the road users on traffic hazardous road. The traffic controllers from Traffic Watch Australia are trained according to Road safety act 1986 and are issued with certificates. These certificates are issued by registered training organisation.