FyreWrap from Trafalgar is a simple wrap product that allows duct work to be fire rated, providing up to three hours of fire protection.

A successfully proven alternative to traditional messy fire spray, FyreWrap, in addition to its underlying fire protection ability, also provides benefits such as a thermal R value of 1.2 m²/K/W and excellent acoustic properties that help reduce the use of additional insulating materials. 

Trafalgar has now obtained new approvals for the use of a single layer of FyreWrap for all steel duct work, which achieves an FRL of 120/120/120 for fire from the inside as well as the outside in accordance with AS1530.4-2005.

FyreWrap can now be easily specified for any fire rated duct work while saving on costs as only a 1-layer wrap is sufficient for all 2-hour fire protection requirements on kitchen exhaust ducts, car park exhaust ducts, stair pressurisation ducts, general ventilation ducts, supply air ducts, smoke spill systems, chemical/fume cupboard exhaust ducts, and various smoke exhaust ducts. 

The latest approvals for FyreWrap have received great response from the trade and are expected to change the duct fire protection market for the better.