Access panels from Trafalgar Products  are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing means of access into walls, ceilings and service shafts.

Trafalgar access panels are available in a range of standard and non-standard sizes, with two framing options available:

  • Feathered Edge (FE), for an easy and neat installation
  • Wet Wall (WW) set-bead, for an architecturally pleasing plastered finish
All Trafalgar access panels are constructed using a full steel frame.

Trafalgar access panels are available in two panel types, Metal (M) and Customwood (C), with a variety of styles available to suit a broad range of applications, such as fire-rated, smoke-rated, acoustic-rated and non-rated.

Once installed, Trafalgar access panels sit flush with the surface, leaving a neat opening around the perimeter. Most Trafalgar access panels feature a square key budget lock as standard, with a concealed Tip Latch (TL) and security key lockable options available.