Wedging open fire and smoke doors is illegal and dangerous.

Dorgard Acoustic fire door holders, available from Trafalgar , have been designed to hold open fire and smoke doors, and upon the sound of a fire alarm will automatically release the door. This action ensures that all fire and smoke doors are closed in a fire alarm situation.

Dorgard Acoustic fire door holders allow smoke or fire doors to be held open in any position and the compact battery operated design enables complete wireless installation.

As there is not need for an electrician, Dorgard Acoustic fire door holders help to save time, money and the complexity of hard wiring. The fire door holders listen for sounds in the standard alarm frequencies above 65 decibels and upon detection will automatically release the smoke or fire door, allowing it to safely close.

Dorgard acoustic fire door holders are a valuable addition to any passive fire safety system and allow easier travel through fire and smoke doors while still allowing them to perform in a fire situation.