The line of memory foam products available from Town and Country Re-Upholstery and Beds include memory foam mattress toppers, pillows and car seat cover overlays. These memory foam products can improve quality of sleep and comfort of driving or sitting for long periods.

Visco-elastic foam (known as Memory Foam or Space Age Foam) was originally developed by NASA engineers in the late 1970s for pressure relief during space travel. It was immediately embraced by the medical profession and sport therapists for its healing power.

The same material is now used in hospitals, nursing homes, and burn units around the world to help make patients more comfortable, and it has become one of the most popular sleep surfaces. 

By contouring to body shape memory foam products such as mattress toppers or car seat overlays can reduce pressure to all parts of the body, improving blood circulation and helping the spine to align naturally.

Dunlop's Viscoflex® features a finer cell size than regular visco-elastic memory foam products, allowing it to provide immediate and constant comfort, even in cold conditions down to 6 degrees. The open cell structure of Viscoflex® enables improved airflow and memory foam products are treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection to keep away bugs and dust mites. 

All Australian Dunlop Viscoflex® Memory Foam Overlays are covered in creme coloured cotton and are specifically used to enhance the feel of the memory foam products.