Toucan Forged Glass  offers a wide range of textual, patterned, cast and coloured glass sheets and glasses which includes decorative glasses, slumped glasses, ecclesiastical artworks and so on. Different glasses from
Toucan Forged Glass are carved so beautifully that they can catch attention, create mood, compliment and contrast other materials and finishes.

Toucan Forged Glass integrates latest techniques and contemporary architectural designs to provide beautiful glasses for contemplative situations and spaces. Toucan Forged Glass also provides designs and monumental glasswork in traditional painted stained glass styles and contemporary styles.

With experience of over 20 years in providing decorative architectural glasses, Toucan Forged Glass has been at the cutting edge of new technical developments and applications for the manufacture and decoration of art glasses. The thrilling combination of glass and water from Toucan Forged Glass presents the perfect opportunity for beautiful glass creations without the usual constraints imposed by function.

Toucan Forged Glass' designs, constructs water features and sculptural works incorporating glass can be used for internal as well as external applications.