ProjectCentre founder Paul Hemmings has been appointed by AEC project management software developer Total Synergy to drive the product development and accelerate the global roadmap of their flagship software product, Synergy.

Mr Hemmings founded ProjectCentre in 1997, which was acquired (and subsequently rebranded as iTWOcx) by German ERP and BIM software business RIB Software AG in 2012. He has vast experience in the software requirements of architecture, engineering and construction design (AEC) businesses, and a unique track record of designing early collaboration platforms for built environment design and construction projects.

Mr Hemmings said he joined Total Synergy for its solid foundation in AEC cloud collaboration and project management, also observing that the company has been a leader in the practice management and project accounting space since 1999.

Total Synergy had launched their new cloud product, Synergy last year to the global market. Synergy business and project management software is designed for AEC businesses and professionals. Mr Hemmings is designing the final stages of the Synergy Enterprise product, the third and most feature-rich level of the Synergy cloud application.

According to Mr Hemmings, Synergy offers the best potential for built environment design businesses in the SME space to collaborate securely on projects with shared, multi-party access in an affordable way.

He added that the future product roadmap is designed to enable SME architecture, engineering and construction design related businesses to manage complete project delivery, increase effectiveness and efficiency, and collaborate wherever and whenever they need to do so.

A market leader in project management software for the AEC sector, Total Synergy launched its new cloud product, Synergy to the global market in November 2017, acquiring over 95 new customer businesses on five continents till date.