It’s easy to get overwhelmed managing customer relationships when emails, contact notes, invoices, and documents are spread all over the place and impossible to track. Businesses in the built environment industry need to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) software, which is why Total Synergy has built one in their Synergy software. Read on to learn more about SynergyCRM.

SynergyCRM puts the ‘central’ in ‘centralised hub’

With SynergyCRM, your customer information is all in one place. This means that unlike other CRM apps, you manage your client data in the same place as your project information.

For instance, each opportunity you create in the CRM is reflected immediately in your revenue forecasting and capacity planning in Synergy.

With SynergyCRM, you’ve got a centralised hub for customer details that enables you to track your opportunities. All in one place and all integrated into your business platform.

SynergyCRM tracks accurately and saves time

You can use the SynergyCRM kanban board to track your customer journey through the business pipeline from inception of a prospect all the way through to winning a project. No more sifting through emails and files to find what you need in the sales process.

You can log activities, assign to-dos, and check contacts, all in one place. And since it’s shared, you can easily see if someone else has been talking to your contact.

SynergyCRM enables you to get to know your customers… in detail

Save time piecing together your customer knowledge, with all your customer data in one centralised location. Of course, you get the usual CRM data such as call and email history, recent projects, associated relationships, activities, and to-dos. But with SynergyCRM you can also gain extra customer insights from your Synergy data – such as the lifetime value of the customer, average project value, how often you get awarded projects… and how many you bid for or even checking a customer’s average time to pay an invoice.

SynergyCRM gives insight into all your opportunities

It’s important that you know how you’ve won opportunities, but it’s also important to know why you’ve lost opportunities. With SynergyCRM, you get a broad-view understanding of all the opportunities you’ve had – won or lost – so you can learn from them all.

SynergyCRM keeps you attuned to your customer with information that’s targeted, relevant, and up-to date in one central location. It gives you real-time insight into the sales process that allows you to make informed decisions, act quickly, and get back to the work you love — designing our built environment.