Total Synergy announces a new feature update to the ‘search’ function on their Synergy platform.

Synergy’s new global search tool is helping designers dedicate more time to design by allowing them to quickly search across the entire platform for any item relating to their specific project including documents, contacts, images, invoices and now, emails. 

Simply enter your search terms into the search bar and the function will scan through all your projects, read all the items and highlight the best possible matches. It’s simple and fast, and will help you locate what you need quickly.

Fuzzy search

Synergy’s core search function has been enhanced with a ‘fuzzy search’ capability that accounts for any misspelling in the search terms entered in the search bar. For example, if you make two mistakes trying to spell ‘John Smith’ and actually write ‘Jon Smoth’, fuzzy search will give you results for ‘Jon Smoth’ first (because that’s the exact and most relevant match), and also give you a less exact match by predicting what you had searched for, based on what’s in the system. 

Searching project emails 

You can also search through emails – from the ‘to’ and ‘from’ text to the subject line. The search results will even display a preview of the email, so that you can quickly find the email you need. 

Further enhancements expected shortly include the ability to search through the contents of an email. This function will be available in the new Project Information Module being released mid-year and will feature several powerful document management and searching features. 

Synergy’s global search helps you navigate the platform faster so that you have more time to do the work you love – design.

Based on the article by Rob Greenhalgh Ward – Total Synergy